About us

Welcome to A-One Consultancy (pvt) ltd, we provide comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses using QuickBooks and Sage Pastel Accounting software.

Managing your own business requires you to perform a wide spectrum of tasks to ensure your company’s smooth operation and proper management. While you need to be involved in several day-to-day activities, the responsibility of bookkeeping and accounting can only be done perfectly by experts. Such bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities are our specialties at A-One Consultancy. We will deliver professional services to your company, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while helping you with financial-related matters.

Why waste your time over your bookkeeping and accounting issues when you can employ the services of certified accounting professionals who will deliver excellent accounting services to you? Instead of hiring an in-house bookkeeper or accountant, which is way expensive, or weighing yourself down with boring numbers, consider the freedom, professionalism, and flexibility you stand to enjoy when you take advantage of our professional bookkeeping and accounting services. We are proactive in delivering results to our clients.

We offer exceptional services to our clients that ensure the profitability of their business venture. We are what you need to reach your business goals of growth.

We set up an accounting systems for our clients, prepare financial statements (profit or loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements), record business transactions using QuickBooks, or sage pastel accounting software in a very special way. We bring innovations into your accounting department, helping you meet up with the international standard of bookkeeping and accounting practice. We will equip you with financial data and up-to-date financial reports, so you don’t have to guess your business’ financial status when making important decisions. We will place you in a position of knowledge to avoid business pitfalls and make calculated decisions for the proper planning of your business’s future.

Also, we offer financial advice, tax advice, perform tax computations and submit returns, while we ensure the effective financial sustainability of each client we work with. Additionally we assists startups to register their business as either private companies or private business corporations (PBC).

Our team of experts will use systemized procedures and processes coupled with the latest accounting software, which ensures that clients receive the best services to support their unique business needs. We work with you to provide effective accounting solutions tailored to meet your business’s needs.

Choose A-One Consultancy as your trusted bookkeeping and accounting partner; we are what your business needs to succeed.


  • Provide support and guidance tailored to suit your needs
  • Welcome all business sizes.
  • Work with clients in all sectors
  • ACCA members, Registered public accountants (PAAB)