Company Registration

Once you have an idea of wanting to do business, on your checklist  don’t forget to include registering  your company. Most entrepreneurs do it in reverse, they start to trade before registering their companies. this is very bad. Not only is it against the law but you also loose big time, you wont be able to participate in tenders, big companies normally deal with registered companies, you will also not be able to obtain a tax clearance from ZIMRA. Research has shown  time and again that if a business operates informally it takes time for it to grow. So do first thing first. Register your company early to avoid the disappointments mentioned above. there are a lot of advantages of registering your business.

Take a look at what we do.

  • Private Company Registering
  • Private Business Corporation
  • NGO or Trust Registration
  • Change of directors
  • Annual returns
  • PRAZ registration
  • Vendor Number

Requirements for registering a company

  1. At least 5 names you wish to give your company.
  2. Names, addresses and ID numbers of directors [ names should be as they appear on the identity card of the director, addresses should be as the appear on utility bills]
  3. Shareholding structure in percentage form